About Us

About Us

FRD GYM LOGOMaintaining a healthy balanced diet will not only give you perfect curves and body fitness until and unless you hit the gym and do some exercise.

FRD gym is the most popular and well-furnished gym with the latest technologies. They deliver you full satisfaction in terms of health, fitness, diet, beauty tips, which you can nurture to bring out the best in you.

Diet and Nutrition – We chalk out a diet plan for a person who desires to join and plan out their nutritional intake as per each day. This helps them to prevent over-eating yet encourages proportionate eating.

Equipment – The machines like – treadmills, Cross-trainers, cycling and rowling all are upgraded to the latest technology in India just for the customer’s fitness. Workout plannings and diet plans are also done by matching the reason and focus of the customer’s goal.

Instructors and Trainers – We are professional fitness building trainers who help your entire process to be fit and healthy. They inspire and motivate you to focus on your goal. Each floor has two trainers with an assistant trainer for assistance, in fact.

Training – Apart from general gyming, they also schedule special training classes like – Aerobics, Zumba for fun, fitness and being active. Personal training is also provided with a personal trainer.
Wet Area – We come up with an attached steam bath area where you can relax and chill.

You are free to join 24/7 whenever you make up your mind to hit the fitness bell. Complete guidance and support you will receive, without a doubt. Thus, check out the site and visit it, right toady. Don’t be late to be fit. The more you choose to stay healthy and fit, the more you are reluctant to get a better and happy lifestyle. So, Get ready!!